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I would first like to start by saying thank you for taking the time in giving your own personal account of training with Primal Conquest. I feel extremely privileged to be in the position I am and value any feedback from the people I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to worked with.

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My Name is Craig

I am a Royal Marine who has completed two tours of Afghanistan. Last year I was training for a career course, which would mean a promotion if I passed, however for the past year I had been plagued with a knee injury and had two knee operations to rectify this. I finally got passed as fully fit six weeks before my command course, which meant I had to train hard for the six weeks I had left.

I spoke to Simon about a one-week intense training package to really push myself to get my level of fitness up. Simon agreed and put together a training program for me to work through in preparation for my week of intense training. This involved a mixture of mobility and strength work to assist in helping to prevent any further injury and work on strengthening both my upper and lower body.

The week of intense training was both varied and challenging. We worked on strength, endurance and recovery strategies - all things that are important for the type of physical activities I would endure on the course. I had two training sessions a day, the morning was either a run or circuit or run with circuit and the afternoon was a mixed martial art training session. Both morning and evening sessions were enjoyable but Simon worked me hard ensuring I got the maximum benefit out of each session.

After the week was over Simon gave me a different training programme to continue with which I could use to improve my own workout sessions, this ensured that my fitness level was maintained and also improve my strength and endurance.

I successfully passed my course and the training Simon gave me defiantly made a big difference to my performance during the four-mile speed march and a large amount of hillwalking that was a big part of the course.

It was good working with Simon I spoke to him about what I needed and he designed a bespoke training package to cater for my requirements. He was very professional and had an excellent working knowledge of different training methods to ensure no training session was the same but always ensured that it worked on the areas that I needed to focus on.

I would recommend Simon and would be more than happy to answer any questions or talk about my experiences of training with Simon.

Craig Merrett

Royal Marines Commando


I have worked in the Fitness Industry for over 13 years with most of that being as a Personal Trainer. 90% of Personal Trainers/Coaches should not be doing the job - 9% are good and 1% are GREAT. Simon is right up there in that top 1%.

Personal Training/Coaching should not just be a job, It should be a passion. Simon has got to be the most passionate Personal Trainer/Coach I have met, worked alongside or been trained by. I love how he exceeds every expectation and is always pushing harder to widen his knowledge.

Being Trained/Coached by Simon - As a P.T/Coach myself I hold very high standards by who I will be coached by. Simon was a no-brainer. Simon worked with me through a range of Martial Arts Skills and Fitness. I was only looking to do it a basic hobby but also to help with mobility and all-around conditioning. Each visit I turned up and we talked through the planned session and would be expected of me. This would ALWAYS be typed up in advance and then sent over to me after. Each session was clear and always had an objective. We worked through an intensive and functional warm-up designed to meet the demands of the session. We would then work on the skill/skills of the day where Simon would break everything down into its simplest form in a controlled environment. The next step would be to build the skill up or link multiple skills together and eventually turn the pressure up once the skill was to a satisfactory standard. Most sessions then finished with a high-intensity burner where I would have to be able to perform what we had learnt whilst under pressure and fatigued.

Although I am a P.T/Coach I am a slow learner and take time to pick up new skills. Simon was great at breaking everything down into its most simplistic form. I felt my skills accelerated far quicker with Simon as a result. After each session, there was always skills to go away with and practice and his follow up and contact after the session was good.

To work alongside - As mentioned previously I hold VERY high standards when finding coaches to work alongside. I only want to be working with the best. Simon is just that. We have worked together on a number of training days and classes. He is always eager to learn the plan well in advance of the training day to ensure he can to deliver his A Game. I always know when a P.T/Coach is great when I can walk away from session completely out of the blue and have the trust that another coach could continue to deliver the session seamlessly. Simon can do just that. Even if it was my section and I had to go away and administer first aid or something I would have every confidence that Simon would step and deliver the Perfect session.

He is always punctual and will give you his maximum every time. This is very rare in the industry.

Learning from Simon - Simon is so knowledgeable! If there is something Simon does not know he will go above and beyond to make sure he knows more than he needs to about that subject. Since I have known him he has travelled thousands of miles following Coaches/Trainers to gain knowledge to further his own. I love meeting with Simon because with every meeting I walk away with more knowledge and wisdom. I have also learnt a lot about the quality of my product and how best to deliver a higher standard every time. He has made a huge difference in how I run my business and train my clients. Thanks for everything Simon. Keep up the good work.

Scott Phillips

Personal Trainer And Gym Owner


In 2013, a few months away from competing at nationals in Swimming, I approached Simon asking for some strength and conditioning help that would enable me to produce some fast swimming and to be able to make new personal best times for when I competed.

By working at the leisure centre with him, he was able to watch me train in the pool to see what aspects I could improve on.

Straight away Simon was 100% committed and started researching and talking to me about a lot of things I could improve on by working with him in the gym. Then the conditioning started.....

Every session I had with Simon he recorded via video to watch back and analyse my training. The gym sessions were amazing I felt improvement within a matter of weeks, working on different kinds of movement I wouldn't even think of improving.

After a few good months of training, I competed at nationals and secured a new personal best and qualified for the commonwealth trials in 2014! Fast forward to the commonwealth trials, Simon travelled up to Scotland on his own to watch me race - this alone shows how dedicated he is to each and everyone who he trains.

Whenever I am in doubt, Simon will always be my first person to contact with regards to training etc as the knowledge he has and the number of courses he has been on is incredible.

I couldn't have got into the shape I am today if it wasn't for Simon Merrett who played a huge part in my strength and conditioning program getting me to commonwealth trials.

Conor Harrold

National Level Swimmer


I first went to Simon for help to regaining my fitness and getting back into shape in 2015 to get ready for my wedding in August 2016. On my first visit, I was very nervous and worried Simon would shout at me like a sergeant Major but he was the complete opposite, he clearly explained the sets to me and the area it would be working.

Every session is different. After this first session, I couldn’t wait for the next and then the next. I and others could see the difference within weeks of my fitness and appearance.

Due to health issues I have had to take a break from training but can not wait to get back into the gym with Simon. I highly recommend Simon to anybody whatever their fitness levels. Simon is so passionate at what he does and he will not only go the extra mile to help but will encourage you to join him for the run.

Nikki Lowry-Gillham

Duty Manager


When I first met Simon I had lots of things going through my mind, like did I need someone's help, was it worth it and so on. Directly after my consultation, I felt my worries were addressed, as I was made to feel at ease throughout. 


After discussing my goals we quickly got to work on my first session where Simon took me through a session to gauge my own personal level which again made me feel very comfortable about what we were doing.


Aside from this, we discussed in depth my dietary requirements to compliment the exercise, I was amazed by Simons knowledge and feel the tweaks we made to my diet had a huge effect on my goals. This coupled with a complete change of form and adding new exercises my progress was compounded, and my results were showing fast. 

However, Simon has always maintained that we get out what we put in, so hard work was also a factor. In the time we have been working together Simon has been there every step of the way to which I can't say thank you enough, in fact, it has been this support that has inspired my confidence when training alone. 


I would like to add that recently I showed Simon some of the progress pictures (see photo), well his reaction was amazing and I could see from that reaction his passion for what he does, I cannot recommend this guy enough. 


Even now across the Atlantic Simon finds time to make contact and discuss progress, whilst still sending over New workouts. I can honestly say you can't get service like this anywhere else. 


So thanks again you have changed the way I look at my lifestyle for the better.

Lee Whittaker

Operations Manager


At the age of 32 I had never really done much in the way of exercise let alone stepped into a gym. I was highly recommended Primal Conquest and therefore Simon through a friend. I can honestly say that it was the best thing I ever did to start training with him.

Simon's dedicated, logical and passionate approach to personal training put me at ease from the very first session. He listens to the goals you wish to achieve and explains in a simple easy to understand manner how best to achieve them via exercise and dietary requirements.

Simon takes a very motivational approach that not only meant that I saw fast and sustained results but also changed my mental approach to life for the better. Things that I have learnt from him have helped me to progress in not only my personal life but helped with my approach to work.

His service provides a client-focused approach that is supportive not only during sessions but also outside, as he is in regular contact after sessions to support you - especially when those aches begin!

The web-based element to his service is personalised to each client and keeps track of progress as well as offering tips for training outside of sessions. His video guides are excellent, with all of this coming as part of his brilliantly valued service. Having spoken to other people I know that have personal trainers this value for money is extremely rare.

I cannot thank Simon enough for the help he has given me so far and the massive change that he has actually made to my physical and mental well being. I challenge anyone to find as well a rounded, supportive and brilliantly valued service as Primal Conquest offers!

Anthony Pau

School Teacher


My name is Dave, 

I'm a police officer of over 10 years service. In my line of work, I have faced a number of challenges both mentally and physically. I've been able to face those challenges head-on thanks to a number of people. No-one in this world achieves anything without the help of others and I can honestly say I would not have overcome half the challenges I have faced had I not trained with Simon for the past 7-8 years. This sounds far fetched but I assure you it really isn't.

Simon will tell you I have not been the most straight forward of clients, with my fair share of injuries to overcome and un-sociable shift hours to work around but, Simon has always made the time to make it happen. SIMON has a unique ability to not only train the body but to also focus the mind.

When I first met Simon I had just joined the chosho Academy, to train martial arts. I had the fortune of training one on one during these sessions with Simon and I was in awe of his ability to power through the toughest of sessions! I always got to my breaking point far quicker than the rest and I couldn't get past it.

From this point, I began my training with Simon. After just a short period I found myself pushing harder for longer and not stopping when I hit that wall, instead of powering through it! I improved both physically and mentally. I would not have been able to do this without the discipline installed by Simon and without his dedication to training me.

Simon has helped me through many difficult injuries over the years, designing bespoke rehabilitation packages to ease me back into training and get me back to peak performance. This has been invaluable and far more helpful to me than any consultant or physio I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure to stumble across! Now I'm not knocking these professions but I personally have never found a physio or a consultant who isn't under pressure to get through as many patients as possible in an as shorter time as possible, as a result, you receive a second rate service and are left with a problem that won't go away! Simon never makes time an issue, he always makes you feel as though you are his priority and gives 110% effort at every training session you sign up to. He takes the time to fully understand your goals and how best to achieve them. His dedication and passion for what he does are infectious and I can honestly say I have never been in a room with somebody who has as much enthusiasm as Simon, (his Dad being the exception).

It has been said already but I will say it again, there are those personal trainers who shouldn't be in the industry and there is a small majority who are good at what they do but, there is an elite 1% who are the very best in the industry and will never let you down. SIMON IS THAT 1%!!!

Dave Deats

Police Officer


I highly recommend Simon, he has really motivated me to go back to exercise. I run a busy Osteopathic Clinic and is a very physically demanding job. The training helped me find more strength both physically and mentally to treat my patients to the very best of my ability. He really explains how to perform every part of the training and pushes you on when you want to give up.

Anna McMullen



When you read testimonials, one always wonders if they are manufactured or authentic - at least I do. As I have never written such a thing, I must conclude that no service ever warranted an official thank you...until now.

I was sloppy and lazy before Simon - and now people say “you look good - have you lost weight?” At 50, that’s like winning the lottery.

Thanks so much Simon for all you have done and are doing. So very happy.

Jeff Jeffress

VP Automotive


Simon is extremely dedicated and highly knowledgable in his field of Sports Science, having trained with Simon for many years I can highly recommend him from every aspect of sports training, nutrition, preventative injury and well being. A highly committed individual who would improve any individual at any level of sports, through his complete dedication to his clients.

Tim Cruse

Self Employed


Over the years I have suffered from lower back pain due to my boxing training and working with Simon has shown me techniques and exercises that have strengthened my back immensely! Already I can see such an improvement in the strength in my lower back and in my physical condition in general. He has pushed me through my paces with new exercises such as deadlifts and squats which have prevented me from injuries, proving both enjoyable and beneficial for my boxing career. I couldn't thank Simon enough for his help, he had been a big part of improving my boxing career.

Jake Gibson

Amature Boxer


Simons knowledge and passion are second to none. While having personal training with Simon I significantly improved my strength, fitness, mobility and my mindset. Training with Simon gave me so much confidence in day to day life. 

He makes training fun and gets results.

Ross Taylor

Personal Trainer


After training jiujitsu on and off for over 15 years, 2 years ago I decided to give up football and concentrate on jiujitsu and MMA. In this time I have learnt and improved so much with Simon’s patience, technique and all-around fitness and feel very truly blessed and privileged to now have met such a good friend as well as such a good trainer that always trains you hard!

If we are not training he is always offering advice at the end of the phone or email with nutrition and ways to improve me more for my own goals and for when we train next. I will always look forward and excited every time we train and can’t wait to train with him next. A true gent outside the gym, good role model and a beast when training with you, which always improves your session by session.

Anyone who wants to improve their fitness, jiujitsu, nutrition and all-around lifestyle with lots of laughs along the way, Simon Merrett would be the person to do this with.

David Smith

Jujutsu Student


Before my son had 1:1 swimming lessons with Simon he had a severe lack of confidence in the water. He would not put his head anywhere near the water and would overreact if he so much as got any near his eyes.

As soon as he started his lessons with Simon, my little boy transformed into a child who was excited to go swimming and couldn't wait for his next lesson.

Simon took the time to get to know my son and built his confidence and trust in what was really only a short time. By his third lesson, he had him putting his face in the water, something I had struggled with for years to try and get him to do. In his final lessons, he had built his confidence so much that he didn't think twice before retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool!

I cannot honestly recommend and thank Simon enough for how he helped my little boy transform from a very reluctant participant to a happy, confident and enthusiastic swimmer.

Georgina Hope-Warwick-Gregsons Mum

Everyone Active 1:1 Swimming


Considering Mason couldn't swim or put his face underwater I just wanted to say again thank you so much. 4 lessons and you've changed my boy for the better. You really are a talented teacher and I hope America sees that. We wish you all the best.

Picture To The Right: Simon look what you helped him achieve!!! He was so pleased he nearly cried!! We are so proud right now!!

‎Sarah Winger-Masons Mum

Everyone Active 1:1 Swimming