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I would first like to begin by welcoming you to your Primal Conquest Pro Starter Pack. Here you will start to learn how to create the foundation, plan, habits and vision which will take your goals and show you how to start to transform them into a reality.


Over the course of this Starter Pack and programs to follow, I will aim to empower you with the knowledge that I have acquired from some of the worlds most highly decorated coaches. Employing the best of both old and new ideas, I will show you step by step how to get the most out of your training, reduce injury and take your performance and life to the next level.


This journey will be one that is personal to you, so it is important that the way you approach your training, nutrition, recovery and so on is done in the same way. It needs to be safe, progressive, sustainable and based on your own level of experience and ability whiles also being continually focused on the goal at hand. 


As you advance through your training it will be important to undergo a continued evaluation, where you can challenge and assess your progress. Often what you feel you need to be focusing on regarding your training or lifestyle habits now will often change as you start to progress.


When starting a new client on a program I explain to them that It is important to understand that there will come a time when results from their training will begin to plateau (Slow Down/Stop). There will also be times when they feel like they have failed in some aspect of their training. they will miss a session because something unexpected comes up, they will eat something that is not in line with their goals, full back into old habits or they will lack motivation, feel stressed or just feel too tired to train. These are all challenges we all come up against in training for excellence and this needs to be welcomed and viewed not as something that is final but a time to learn and reestablish yourself, evaluate and work out where a better choice could have been made or where old habits could have been avoided.


Primal Conquest for me has always been about a lot more than just training. I aim to create an evolution in people, it is a practice that gets to the root. It is about empowering lives with knowledge on how to live with greater focus and awareness. It's about establishing the habits that will help people in becoming what Elliott Hulse calls the strongest version of yourself. 


So I welcome you to Primal Conquest Pro, and the beginning of your next evolution!


To living stronger,


Simon Merrett

Owner and Head Coach at Primal Conquest

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